Why Garage Door Springs Break?

The springs are what lift the garage door. The spring cycle life is between 5,000-30,000 (1 cycle = Each time the door goes up and comes back down). The typical springs has 5,000 cycle life. When the springs reaches their cycle life most likely they will break. If you have 2 Springs on your garage door and only 1 breaks you will have to replace both of the springs because the second one will break too. Sometimes the springs will break before it reaches their cycle life and the reason for that is: 1.If the rollers on your garage door track get sticky so the springs will work harder to open the door and they will have a lot of tension. 2. If the bearing plates on the center and the sides of the springs are getting sticky so the springs will work harder to open the door. Very important! If you have a broken spring don't open your garage door because you will damage your garage door opener. Call us for same day service 951-666-3630 We work 24/7 , 7 days a week

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